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Antigua Spay & Neuter Clinic

Animal Welfare Since 2016

Antigua Spay & Neuter Clinic was formed to provide low-cost or no-cost spay/neuter services to low-income persons in Antigua. This program helps to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals abandoned on the streets.

We performed 833 surgeries last year (2023) and 4370 surgeries in the last 7 years!

What We Do

Antigua Spay and Neuter clinic Inc. is a non-profit charity, established in 2016 to address the welfare and overpopulation of animals on the island. We work to with Dr. Francis at the Ark Veterinary clinic to provide low-cost or no-cost Spay or Neuter for dogs and cats. We provide Dr. Francis with all surgical supplies needed for the surgeries.

Our mission is to educate the local communities and the island visitors on the importance of Spaying or Neutering their dogs and cats. Helping convince pets owner of the health benefits of Spay and Neuter as well as the importance of controlling the number of animals that roam and can be injured is our focus. We provide a low cost of $75 EC per pet, including dogs under 60 pounds. For dogs over 60 pounds in weight, the cost of surgery is $100 EC as the cost of medication has increased.

We also provide NO COST surgery to people with multiple pets, the elderly, or people with no means to pay but want to control the number of mouths they will have to feed and care for.

We can also help arrange transportation for people that have difficulty getting their animals to the Ark for surgery. We try to make it easy and seamless to get as many dogs and cats Spay or Neutered, thus easing the burden of feeding, and caring for too many pups and kittens. This is the most effective way to control the number of stray dogs and cats on the island. Neighbourhoods are safer, streets are safer and the people in the communities are less burdened.

CALL (269) 788-3647 TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT or What’s app (268) 736-2287


New Spay and Neuter Clinic Facility

We are growing

We are pleased to announce that the  building of our new dedicated facility is nearing completion! The building is located directly across from the Ark Veterinary Clinic in St. Johns, and we are so proud at the hard work that has gone into progressing the project!


Donations to continue the building's internal spaces, including equipment and kennelling are welcomed.  We are still in need of some of the larger surgical items, if you get in contact we can provide a list. However, no donation is too small,  and we are grateful for any help that we receive. Together we can have a positive effect on both the animals and people of Antigua!

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